A Wedding In The Summer

Hello everybody! I know, a lot of time passed since I told you, that I will photograph a wedding. But now, finally, after a lot of other work, I can show you some of my pictures from the beautiful weeding of Timo and Carmen. Enjoy! Continue reading


Heike Schnotale

26. August 2017

Hey there! You can now find my latest work “Aurel” on my website! Also in my project “Grutas” I’m showing the screen prints on wood – take a look: www.fotos-im-kopf.com

Heike Schnotale

31. July 2017

It’s summer – for sure she has better stuff to do than to work or blog! Maybe you think so, can’t be disappointed by your thought because it’s a very very long time since I let you know what I do… BUT stay patient with me! I’m working hard on my biggest project so far! AND I photographed a wedding this weekend, I will show you of cause pictures as soon as possible. AND I have again a sholarship for a summer academy in August, so in one month you will get news, news, news 🙂 Have a fine time!


Hello everybody! It’s been far too long since I last wrote you. But I’m really busy with my bachelor at the moment and it seems that I just sit in front of my notebook instead of doing something “real” with my hands. But I found the time to finally scan some older stuff I made earlier this year! Here you will see a little bit of my experiments… Continue reading