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Paris Mon Amour!

dscf8788_webHey there! Last weekend I did a short trip to Paris to meet with friends! It was my first time in this wonderful city, and I will give you a little glimpse of it. Continue reading


A visit to Israel and Palestine

dscf8587_webHey everybody! It’s a long time since I’ve written my last post and much was going on! Today I want to share with you the most important event from this last weeks: a travel to Israel and Palestine.


For me it was the first time, that I traveled completely alone and it was also my first time in the so called “Holy Land”. It was quite an expirience for me! It was’nt just a holiday – of course not – I was there on a mission. It’s the beginning of my upcoming final project for my bachelor degree at university. So before I show you just some impressions from my travel through this very fascinating land, let me explain my idea for this project.

My project will be about borders and I picked three different borders to compare them with each other. First of all a border which is actual not existing anymore: the former inner german border. It’s still in the heads of a lot of people after 26 years of unity. Then we have there between Israel and Palestine not only a fence but also a border wall which is existing since some years and probably will stand there for longer. And the third border was newly build last year during the refugee crises between Austria and Slovenia. I don’t want to make just pictures of this borders, I also want to do little interviews with the people who are living there. How are they influenced by their borders, how do they feel about them? How do they live with them?


So, thats my plan and the first step I did now. My first travel to Israel and Palestine was quite good, I had some difficulties to find the right spots for photographing and also to get there. I can’t show you the pictures for my project now, because I shoot analogue and I still need to bring my pictures to the lab. I’m doing this project also with my latest investment on technique: a large format camera, which allows me to shoot negatives of the size 4×5 inches (that’s very big!).

But nevertheless, here are just some impressions from my travel:


Tel Aviv, seen from Jaffa


Old City of Jaffa






somewhere in Jaffa, old and new coming together like everywhere in this countrydscf8668_web

Baha’i-Gardens, Haifadscf8693_web

Old City of Acre

Old City of Acre

Old City of Acredscf8758_web

a marketdscf8759_web

a market


Bye bye 🙂



At the moment I explore every day something. Sometimes just a new thing to eat, sometimes a new street, or a new museum. On weekends I make bigger trips, and see more new things than during the week. So, here are some of the many new impressions from the last two weeks.  Continue reading