Time is an interesting thing…

Hello everybody! I wanted to write sooner, but there was so much to do. For example last weekend, I had the chance to sell some of my work on a little christmas market, a quite successful experience! But today I don’t want to show you an old work, I have something very new – take a look!

Remember the last post, when I told you about that old paper I tried for the bromoil prints? Yes, so I didn’t just had the 10 pieces of paper which I was trying, I had about 80 more. So what to do with a photographic paper which is actually to old to use? The thing is that: for really old paper you don’t need any more light to develop it – it get’s black anyway. Not necessary black, but also grey, and some areas may stay white. It depends on time, and paper (and a bit of skills in the darkroom!).  So you can say it’s a picture of time itself. You just developing the paper to make the traces of time visible.

So, the pictures in this post are some examples of my results. I made for the digital world an video clip with all of them, but it would also be great if I can exhibit all of the papers one day. Here is the clip:

Time I (Zeit I) from Heike Schnotale on Vimeo.

That’s it for today! Next time I have a lot more to show you from the darkroom. See you!


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