The Bromoil printing process

Hello everybody! At the begin of November I started making some new bromoil prints. Today I want to show you a bit from the process and my results. 

Bromoil is a very old photographic technique which can lead to a artistic look of photographs. At first you need to make a either a contact print or an enlargement in the darkroom from a negative. It’s the normal process, you get a totally normal print. Here are my prints from the first step:

After on the next day I bleached my pictures. Yes, bleaching is the second step. Your pictures are gone after that, you have an empty paper! Take a look:

Don’t worry! The day after that I got my pictures back! After soaking my papers in hot water, I used a roller and a brush to bring the pictures with ink back on my papers:

How does this work? The thing is, you need a special photographic paper which is untempered and some special chemicals for the darkroom so that nothing is messing up your paper. So when you are on step three, putting your paper in hot water makes it wet differently depending on the light and shadow areas of your picture. That’s because the shadow areas are hard and stay this way hard and dry after bleaching and fixing. And then you can use an oil colour to make the pictures visible again (oil doesn’t like water, so the colour can’t stay on the wet light areas). Therefore you need a bit sensitivity than you can make a quite perfect picture or you experiment a bit:

I also had some very old photographic papers and it was written on the package “BROM”, so I thought: ok, it’s for bromoil prints. So I made these nice enlargements with their very own look (because of the age of the paper) and luckily I scanned them before bleaching. Because when I tried to bring the pictures back in step three, I found out that “BROM” once was just a name for some sort of paper, but not bromoil papers. So, they are lost, but the scans I still have:

Next time I will share a new abstract work! See you soon, bye bye!


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