A Portfolio – Again?

Hello everybody! This time I will show you a bit of my portfolio – no, not my website, you all know this one (what? you don’t know my portfolio website? -> take a look here!). I will show you my printed portfolio! 

It’s something, nearly every creative person has to do at least on time: making a portfolio to show your best work clients or to apply for art school or for a job and so on. Nowadays of course, most portfolios are already online, but sometimes it happens, that you need a printed one. Like it now happend to me: for my bachelor degree I need not only a project, I also need a printed portfolio.

So first question for me was: which projects do I include? I did so much the last four years during my study time. Because my study is called “Graphic Design and Photography”, I decided to seperate the graphic design from the photography. The next decision was to include just projects made in/for university. After that I kind of knew what photography projects I would include and then I just had to find out what to put in the graphic design.

Difficult was the format: when it’s big, you can show pictures better and you have more space in general. But when I have a smaller size, it’s easier to take it around, to hold it and so on. I found a good format, I think. It’s nearly A5, good to handle and still enough space to show pictures in a nice size. For me it was also very important to find a clean design which would be usable for all this different projects, like from one with one picture to one project with many pictures, from one with a short story in the describtion to one with a longer story. It was also important that I could use the template for the next few years. Because my projects are either good with a white or a black background, these two are in a constant change.

At the end I had a nice idea for my brochure: if you open it on one side, you will find graphic design, but if you flip the portfolio on the backside you can also open it an find the photographic part. To present and transport it better, I made a banderole.

So, that was a little project by itself for the last months. And as I told you, I made it for my bachelor degree. And that very big project, that I mentioned in my last posts, is in fact my bachelor project. That’s something I worked on and still working on since more than one year. And next week I will present it the first time – I’m sooo excited! And of course: you can see it next week here on my blog! See you!


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